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Yesterday (Film)

Yesterday I saw Yesterday (no pun intended). The premise is that a struggling musician gets into an accident where he realises he is the only one who knows The Beatles’ songs.

First up, I thought it was a good film. Although I think I’m likely to say that about any film I choose to watch. Around the start when the main character, Jack Malik, plays yesterday, it was quite emotional because besides the meaning behind the song, it really gets to you when you imagine someone hearing the Beatles for the first time. Thankfully the actor Himesh Patel was a really talented musician that added to the songs.I was watching the film in Japan, so I picked up on many of the references that other people didn’t, like the Oasis joke, and when they mentioned the long and winding road home.

It’s a very close race between Queens of the Stone Age and the Beatles for my favourite band. I spent a lot of time at high school listening to and learning all about the Beatles. There simply can never be another band that comes close to their achievements, I think you’d agree with me on that.

The emotion between the two main lovers was quite relatable to many situations, and I really felt for Jack’s uncertainty throughout, but I’m glad there was a happy ending. The premise was also quite interesting, and I’m glad they were able to make a feature-length film out of the rather simple storyline.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of the Beatles or have a few hours to sit down and relax, this film does hit the spot.

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi


Hi, I’m Tim Bunting AKA the Kiwi Yamabushi, a New Zealander who became a Yamabushi Ascetic in the Dewa Sanzan mountains of north Japan. I’m part of the Yamabushido team, and we host life-altering Yamabushi training on the Dewa Sanzan (website link). People come to us for the ultimate mindfulness experience, to reach the next level, or simply connect with nature and themselves.

I’m on a mission to summit all 100 Famous Mountains of Yamagata Prefecture to spread the splendour of this fabulous location, and in dedication to all those who lost their lives out in nature, including my father.

On my daily blog I post thoughts of a practicing Yamabushi that I hope people can use to better themselves and live as fulfilling a life as possible.

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