A bit of a mishap

Last night we had a bit of a mishap that turned out fine in the end. We had decided to go for a walk, and when we stepped outside, we could hear the slight pitter patter of rain on the carport roof. We thought it would be alright if it’s just slightly spitting. Also, when we go for walks, we make a point of not taking our phones so we can concentrate on the more important things, so we didn’t check the weather (our first mistake).

Well, as you’d expect, about five minutes into our walk, it starts pouring down. By that time we weren’t close enough to home to make a run for it, so we did the next best thing and took shelter under a shop awning to wait it out.

And we waited, and waited, but it wouldn’t let up. So after about 30 minutes I decide to make a run for home to grab the car and pick up my wife. It felt good to run in the rain, but I was completely drenched by the time I made it to the door.

I quickly got dried and changed my clothes then jumped in my car. By the time I had reached where my wife was, of course the rain had stopped and it was turning out to be a nice evening, albeit a bit wet.

I tend to act on the situation put in front of me. If there’s a possibility that the situation will change, I would normally wait a bit to see if it does or not, but if it doesn’t, I take action. I see no point in waiting for something that might come, and act according to the current situation.

In this case, all I needed was to wait an extra five minutes, but after 30minutes, we weren’t sure the situation was going to change so we acted on the information at hand. In other words, of course the result was not in my favor, but I acted on the information I had at the time, so I feel no regrets about my actions.



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