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Haruki Murakami was asked what he thinks about when he runs. His answer was that only someone who doesn't run would ask that question. What an awesome response! It's like that whole, if you're worrying about the meaning of life, you're not living thing. Basically, it's the doing that counts, not what to think of the doing.

This blog, for me, is a bit like the things I think about when my mind wanders. The problem is, I forget a lot of these things when it comes time to write them, so I've been trying to keep notes to use when writing, and I guess this is the result.

These are the sort of ideas that pop into my head, and I hope that they can inspire others to take action.

I think I have a unique viewpoint on the world due to my experience as a kiwi living for an extensive period of time immersed in Japanese culture. By being an outsider, but still understanding the thought process of the insiders (?), I come to insights that would be impossible for others. I just have to be careful not to go too much into either culture, as that does have an impact on things. I have to keep the Kiwi in me.

Some places I realised that I had gone too far into the Japanese psyche; when I fail to pick up on plainly obvious things in the west, like having a comprehensive website as either an advertising or marketing tool, or when I empathise with the Japanese knowing that it's probably not a good idea, i.e. when they fail to confront people over bad actions. But then again, these could just be my own confidence issues, and I should really take it to them.



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