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Being the only non-Japanese around in the decision making process puts a bit of pressure on me, and I am often uncertain about my thoughts and beliefs in regards to whether they are true or not. I am being relied on to provide perspective, but my perspective is severely limited, it’s n=1, so perhaps one way to improve would be even more outside involvement.

I tend to think the Japanese people I come across who have extensive overseas experience don’t think like a Japanese person, in the sense that they should understand where I’m coming from. But looking at the reactions of these people, I’m starting to think this isn’t the case. They are still Japanese, and they still have a tendency to think in the same way. Groupthink, so to speak.

I think recently I have been too Japanese in my approach to work even. I’ve been getting stuck in without really thinking about the big picture. Maybe I need to take more control, even if it means offending people.

Maybe this thinking came about from associating myself with primarily Japanese people. I haven’t had much association with non-Japanese recently, and those who I have been with aren’t as business minded as me. So perhaps it’s a lack of stimulation.

It’s all good talking to Tak and Taeka, but I need another outlet to discuss ideas with, that is not Japanese. I just need to find such a person.



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