Things I hope Coronavirus changes in Japan

Less reliance on paper in general.

Less reliance on fax machines.

Less reliance on stamps, both the kind that can be replaced by a signature, and the kind that they use to make payments official. We don’t have to get rid of them, just make it possible to get by without them.

Less reliance on cash. We don’t have to get rid of it, just be able to use cashless options without stupid bank fees and time limits on bank cards (my NZ eftpos card is more useful in Japan than my Japanese bank account, if bank fees are not included of course).

On the subject of banks, get rid of passbooks! A technology that hasn’t existed in NZ since I was a kid!

Less reliance on forms that have to be handwritten like at the town hall or post office. Or, the multiple times I had to write my address to get a home loan. They have my name on the system, and someone’s just going to write it into the computer anyway, why not let the customer take that burden away from someone ( it’s because the wages are so low that they can get away with it)?

More computer literacy for the general population, including smartphones.

And if we’re lucky, more people seeing the benefits of not working in an office where you are pressured to do overtime without pay, as is the norm in places around here.



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