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There is a rule when you do a native check of a translation where you only change the translation if it is factually or grammatically incorrect, not if it was written in a style different to your own. This is a very useful way to go about projects in which you are not the only one involved in their success. Sure you need to take responsibility for the results of the team, good or bad, but you shouldn't put others down for having a different style or method to you. Just be thankful that they are able to contribute to the project, and take their input on board.

When you attach yourself to a job or project, especially one where you are responsible for the results, it's easy to want to go it alone, to do things the way you always have. Wanting things done a certain way, and thinking you are the only person who is able to do an effective job, these are examples of pride and attachment.

Especially in projects that require teamwork, or in cases when there are too many projects to keep a handle on, the only way to get any of them done effectively is to not do them all yourself, and to disassociate yourself enough that others can also play a part in seeing their success. Trying to do it all simply will not work.

Disassociate your pride with the project, and break it up into completable tasks. Then, delegate. Have clear instructions for how tasks should be completed, but don't get angry when they aren't done the way you would do them. Be thankful, and also cognisant of the fact that without them you would never have been able to get to that stage.



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