Be thorough when dealing with data!

I just found that a lot of the footage of climbing Mt. Shogadake and all of the footage of climbing Mt. Gassan has been corrupted. I won’t have enough to make a video for Shogadake, and will have to climb it again. Thankfully it’s on the way up to another peak, Mt. Chokai, that I can tackle later on this year. Mt. Gassan I will also be climbing tomorrow, so I guess last week’s adventure would count as a warm-up. Obviously though, I’m pretty disappointed at losing all that data.

What happened was, and this is stupid on my behalf, about two weeks ago while I think I was transferring the video files to my external hard drives, my computer’s logic board gave out. I tried fixing it myself but was unable to, and the apple person also had a look and said that I had to get it sent in.

Then, this is the stupid part, when I got it back, I checked through to see that the files had transferred, which to be honest it says that had, and they are still there but unreadable, and I went ahead and erased the data off the SD cards. If I had checked them properly like I should have, I wouldn’t have had this problem.

What’s the lesson? Be thorough when dealing with data! I’ve had quite a bit of trouble dealing with these huge video files, 4K ain’t that easy to deal with. I guess I have to be extra vigilant from now on. Thankfully the mountains aren’t too hard to access for me, and I have already written the Shogadake article, and am about halfway through the Gassan one. So in the end it’s not too bad. I could have lost a whole hard drive, that would be insane to deal with.



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