It’s all practice

The eighth station of Mt. Gassan during the middle of summer.

Today I will be climbing Mt. Gassan, the second time in as many weeks. Last week I took a whole lot of footage that has since been rendered useless, so this is my chance to make up for it.

I did get to have a look at the footage, and I can already think of a number of improvements to make, so I’m going to do what my friend suggested and think of it as practice. Which in all honesty is basically what any creative endeavour is anyway.

He also pointed out something else that should make for better videos. I put a lot of pressure on myself to talk continuously on the camera like the professionals do, even though I’m not very good at doing it like that.

So, I have a list of points to cover, and I’m going to try covering them, but without too much pressure to get it right the first take. I give myself plenty of time for climbing, so I guess I should also give myself plenty of time for commentary. I think it’s in my nature to want to hurry to the destination, even though that’s not why you go to places, well not the entire reason.

Either way, this will be another chance at practicing my craft, and another chance to do one better. Let’s make it the best we can!



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