Build your armour

When it comes to navigating the world, we all need some form of protection, otherwise things can really get us down. That's why it's important to build yourself some armour that people can't take away from you. This can come in the form of things that you have done, i.e. your experiences, qualifications you have gained, and things you have made. All three of these things combine to build your armour by proving that you have what it takes to get through. The more you have, the better, but you have to go through inexplicable challenges in order to earn them, otherwise you have nothing to show for it, and no real armour to speak of.

Incidentally, weapons can also come from your armour. For example, your reputation can help you get places and you get a reputation by building strong armour. If you have a number of things that make up your armour, no one can touch you. But be warned, armour can diminish with time. It takes time and dedication to upkeep and maintain your armour, or if you're smart about it, gaining further armour that negates the necessity of weaker armour. But you have to move. It doesn't appear naturally, and nor should it.



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