Changing Minds, Changing Emotions

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Don’t change your mind twice if it affects someone else.

Recently I was working on a joint project with another group, and that other group claimed full ownership part-way through. They were able to do that because we didn’t have a formal agreement, and they did have a rightful claim, but of course I was disappointed because I wasn’t to see the fruits of the project I had expected. It affected my motivation for the project so greatly that I started looking for alternative projects to work on. And then, about a week later, I get word that the other group is giving me back 100% of the ownership, seemingly because they are otherwise too busy.

The problem is that in the interim my motivation for the project went through such a rollercoaster, that now I don’t feel motivated to work on the project at all. Perhaps the reason for this lack of motivation is that although I was initially very excited to work on it, during that short interim my role switched from that of an owner to more of a worker. I still have the feeling that it is a job, rather than something I can claim. Or it could also be the fact I am questioning the sudden drop in motivation of the other party who were fully on board.

Basically, I need to revert back to the mindset I had earlier. I need to get back to that original burst of motivation.

Which leads me to my main point. Think very carefully when you change your mind if it affects another person. The very core of an important project may depend on it.



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