Chunking for productivity

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A few meetings and some freelance work and we’re slowly getting back into work mode. My break was good enough, but you can always use more, right? I didn’t get as much reading done as I’d hoped, but I did get to the pool a few times (yesterday’s post tells you why I was late getting there, and today was a similar story, although I didn’t slide away). I also managed to get a video out, and am aiming to have one out each week for this whole year if I can. I was able to do that in the latter part of last year.

Either way, today was a reminder that I need to do a better job of chunking my work time. One job took me much less time than I had calculated, and one much more. I did a whole lot of procrastination before getting started, but if I had set my schedule better, I can’t help but think I would have gotten more done. I’m scheduling chunks in for the next few days as we speak.

One chunk I have been doing daily, my ‘hour of power’ has been really good. I think it’s a matter of extending that.



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