Continuity is a theme that comes up again and again. I haven’t read the book, but I believe the book grit by Angela Duckworth is along similar lines. That persistence trumps ‘talent’. I actually don’t believe in natural talent, because if you do have so-called ‘talent’, it’s nothing unless you put it to use, and to put it to use, you need action. But not just once, mind you, multiple times. Hence this continuity comes into the equation.

I have a lot of respect for Tim Ferriss because besides his accolades, he asks the ‘successful’ people on his podcast to give him examples of times when they have failed. Everyone on the podcast has had a major failure of some sort. The key being that they kept the continuity. Seth Godin often says that you never risk too much. Take risks, but not fatal ones. In other words, that you should be able to continue if your project fails. And then, you just start over. Which may sound like hell to some people, but opportunity is the key to fun.

Another way in which continuity comes into the equation, that I have discussed before, is that when things get tough, you have to make sure your daily life doesn’t fall out of continuity, that you don’t let things go that normally would. This is what my dad taught me when he was going through a separation, and I think it’s true. At least it has been in my case (that’s why you should always make your bed and clean up after yourself.



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