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Ive talked about my rule before that if I don’t get two swims in a week in then I’m too busy. Well, recently I’ve been able to push them in and I was on the verge of not meeting that rule, but only because of random openings in my schedule.

Anyway, the other day when I had a free moment I got to work on some of my projects that get put on the back burner and I realised just how well that made me feel. The sorts of projects that you do for the love of it and to be creative.

I’ve decided that I’ll take some advice from Ramit Sethi and try how he blocks out part of his week for projects like this. So from now I’m going to have at least one 4-hour block a week spare to work on my projects, most likely Wednesday afternoon/ evening.

I think with this extra dedicated time I can make some inroads in my other projects, that may or may not decide what I do further on down the line too.



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