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Brutal. Merciless. Unmoved. Sometimes you just gotta let things go. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, take it on the chin, and move on. Sometimes you just gotta be brutal, merciless, and unmoved on yourself so that you can get through. There are some things from my past that I deeply regret happening the way they did, and every so often one little thing just reminds me of it and sets me on a rollercoaster of emotions. This to me means that I am still processing the feelings, even though they are from many years passed.

In times like these, when emotions run high, you really do need to take a deep hard look at yourself and see why you are still feeling this way. You also need to stop blaming yourself, and to just let bygones be bygones. This is called living in the past, and it's not helpful at all. Focus on the now, focus on what's in front of you, what you can control. Then forgive yourself, and move on.

Thankfully these feelings don't happen that often, and thankfully I have a way of dealing with them that is productive in most stressful situations; deep breaths. In the moment it can be difficult to remember this, but you just have to force yourself to stop and breath slowly. Take in ten deep breaths and see how you feel, I guarantee you will feel better.



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