Different degrees of discipline

Get on the right track through discipline

Discipline is how you build consistency, and consistency is how you get results. But there are different degrees of discipline.

If you’re able to keep up a habit for a long time, well done, but are you keeping it up well? Are you following through with your original intentions for the discipline, or allowing yourself a bit of unnecessary leeway?

There’s nothing wrong with that. Just you have to be aware that lowering the degree of discipline means lowering the effectiveness of the results. If you’re ok with that, then great! If not, or if you find yourself wanting in the results department, then you need to look at your discipline systems.

Discipline is so important. It’s often the most important thing that stops us from doing or getting the things we want. Or said another way, mastering our discipline is how we can do and get the things we want.

If only it were as easy as flicking on a switch, you say. Yet at the very least it’s fair to say an understanding of this core facet of discipline can help put you on the right track.



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