Jealousy is a fuel

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Use it as one

Jealousy sucks in the moment, but it’s also a great motivator.

When I was doing a study abroad in Japan many moons ago, I clearly remember walking past an obnoxious white guy talking with his friends in fluent Japanese. It’s possible he was born and raised here, but it didn’t stop me from feeling jealous that he was able to hold a conversation in the language I knew was mine to learn.

This was fuel for the fire.

So I used it.

It was essentially the perfect example of what I wanted to do, besides the obnoxious part of course.

Jealousy is when someone else has what you want, and you want nothing more than to have it. This doesn’t really work for material possessions, but for something like soft skills that are attainable, jealousy can ignite a fire in you and show you what’s possible if you just put yourself to the task.



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