Do it, then do it better

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Use your obsessive mindset to push through

This is how you learn any skill.

The first step is simply learning how to do it. Learning the pronunciation of the words. Learning the way to hold the drumsticks. Learning the basic commands.

Then it’s all a matter of rinsing and repeating, until you’ve built enough proficiency.

The thing is, if we’re not careful, we stop at the first part. We stop at the simply doing part, and we rest on our laurels. It’s pretty obvious to see why this would happen, even reaching this stage can be quite the challenge for some.

This is where many people falter at learning a second language. I’ve seen it first hand many times. They just don’t have the nous to stick it through, in spite of going through all the effort to pick up the basics.

To truly master a skill, it takes doing, and repeating. It takes constant practice at core competencies over and over again. This is where the right mindset truly comes into play. This is where the so-called men are separated from the so-called boys.

So if you truly want to be able to do something, you need to be obsessed with doing it well. At the very least, you need to put in the effort to do it, and then you need the obsessive mindset to push through.



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