Doing things and doing things well

It's not about doing things well, it's about doing things.

This morning the pool was being used for aqua-aerobics, so there weren't any spare lanes when I got there. One lane had an old man who often spends a long time slowly swimming backstroke up and down the pool. So I hopped in the other available lane, one with a sweet little old lady. She was extremely polite, and obviously quite happy to be there, but she said to me 'sorry, I'm not a strong swimmer'. Of course I told her that it was fine, I could just swim around her, which is what I did, but it got me thinking.

It's not about being able to do something well, it's about whether you do something. Just from her being there, I had a massive amount of respect. I know a lot of people, myself included, use the smallest excuses to put off things like exercise, one of the most common excuses being 'I'm not good at it'.

How can you expect to be good at something if you don't do it? You get good at doing things by doing those things. Doing well comes after doing. Do things first, then consider becoming 'good' at them.



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