Don’t ask for permission. Get started.

Don’t ask for permission. Get ahead. Get creative. Build something that resonates with yourself first.

The age of the gatekeeper is over. Now is the time to get out there and get building whatever it is your soul desires.

If not for the sake of it, for the sake of building a better you so that you know what it takes to get started. More importantly, so that you know you can get started.

Pick yourself. There’s no need to wait. There’s no need to stick around until the stars align and you’re stuck way back at the starting line.

Pick a project. Then stick with it for at least a little while. Even if it doesn’t turn out as intended (hint, it never does), any direction is better than staying still.

By then you’ll also know whether your project was worth it or not, and whether to continue or not. That information only ever comes if you get started.

No one is telling you not to! We all want to see what you have in store. We don’t want to see you toying away at things on your lonesome.

Get it out in the world, and let us see what you’ve got!



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