Don’t skimp if you can avoid it

I popped a rugby ball by pumping too much air into it earlier today. Granted it was a smaller size, and I was a bit frustrated at not being able to work out the piece to use to pump it, but it was something that was completely avoidable. I'm over it now, getting over things like that is something I try to do as quickly as possible, but this problem also could have been averted by buying a pump with a pressure gauge on it.

The bike pump I was using I remember I bought back in 2012 before the triathlon, and I remember seeing two at the shop; one with a gauge, one without. The one without was slightly cheaper, so I got it. Strange how I regret that purchase more than 7 years later. The thing is, I have a pump that works fine, so why buy another?

Anyway, it's kinda taught me that if you can afford a better option, you should probably take it. I mean better in terms of optional features that you actually use. The key being the actually use part. This stops you from wasting money on the superfluous.



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