Experience with WordPress and Squarespace

My last post was from yesterday, but I didn’t realise it didn’t publish properly until now. WordPress sucks. My app was having some issues that meant I couldn’t post, and the blocks function makes it really annoying to copy and paste entire articles.

It’s probably fine if you know what you’re doing, but having to download plugins for individual things that don’t always work or may crash your site is really quite annoying.

In saying that, I’ve been making a website with squarespace. It’s much, much easier to work with, but squarespace has some certain limitations and a few annoyances to work with.

For example, the header is global, so if you want to use it to link to an anchor on each individual page (besides the menu), you can’t. Also, you can only duplicate entire pages, not sections or individual items. This makes it really annoying to do certain repetitive tasks that could be so much easier with a duplication function.

The save function is annoying also. You have to exit the editing function to save it, so you can’t do quick saves, which gets really annoying as the undo function doesn’t work very well. Well for me at least it didn’t.

Squarespace is not built for blogs. Try editing a post on one, it’s really annoying to work with. WordPress is good for that.

Besides these though, Squarespace is quite good overall you can do what you need to do, albeit without as much functionality, but a lot of that stuff is superfluous anyway. And again, WordPress is fine if you know what you’re doing, which most of the time I don’t.



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