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Kiwi Yamabushi on Mt. Haguro

Only time will tell, but I got a comment recently about the quality of my video footage on the Hidden Side of Mt. Haguro video. The viewer obviously picked up on the fact that I was using my Sony a6500 for a few of the shots, rather than the GoPro.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with the GoPro. It was meant to be the be all and end all for my video production (well to a degree) as it was promised to be so, but what they don’t tell you is that the footage you see in their promo videos has got extremely good lighting. Filming in forests and other dark locations with the GoPro has been really hit and miss. I have to be extra careful not to bump anything as that can ruin a shot quite easily.

So yesterday on Mt. Gassan I decided to use my Sony more. And I did. I probably got a good hour or so of footage, and I’m hoping it’s good. Some of the locations were really amazing, cloud moving quickly over the mountain peak, river valley below kind of stuff, so we should be in for a treat.

The whole experience reminded me of the first time I got the camera way back in 2017. I felt extremely inspired at that time and was posting on my Instagram on the daily without fail. This was a similar feeling, trying to get the best shots that I could, this time on video though. If only I had done that four years ago…

My aim is simple. To portray the mountain in as attractive a way as possible. If that means using the Sony, so be it!

So I’m waiting to see how the video turns out, and I’m quietly hoping the footage is goof because this might be my modus operandi for the foreseeable future. Primarily using my Sony for visual shots and using the GoPro for talking. I think it worked quite well, but we’ll have to wait and see.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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