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Way back in 2009 I wrote my graduate thesis for my undergrad on the Japanese economic miracle. The thesis was actually pretty bad, it was just a write up of what happened and didn’t provide many insights at all, but one thing I do remember is that Japanese companies would find their niche, and then they’d exploit the s**t out of it.

Toyota, for example, was able to do so well thanks to the Just In Time system they built where the whole build process of a car was micromanaged so well and so much that they didn’t need to pay extra for storage, which meant they could keep costs down.

Creative endeavors are the same. If something is to gain traction, it has to have a niche that can be exploited. Once you’ve found that niche, it’s all about how you can build and grow it. The problem is finding a unique niche that you are good at, and doing it before someone else has too.

That’s why I recommend searching for your niche and trying to find it as soon as possible. The only way to do so generally is by trying a whole lot of things, and giving them enough of a chance to see if they succeed or not.



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