Regular deadlines for content creation

I saw a YouTube video by a dude giving advice on how to grow your channel. His advice was really good, I felt, but he said not to focus on one video a week because it won’t make much difference to the algorithm, which is most likely true, and it may stop you from producing good content. His advice was to make videos the best you can when they are ready. I’m not sure if I agree.

I agree with the premise of his arguments, but the weekly video deadline is to ensure that you actually put work out into the world. If you just leave it up to when you feel inspired, you leave too much up to chance. Plus, you allow the resistance to take a hold more easily.

I would say first try to do the first method, when the inspiration strikes, but if that doesn’t work, set yourself a regular deadline. Even once a month would be enough. This way you would in a way be forced to get out of your comfort zone, which should lead to greater growth.

I can speak to success for this process through this blog, but I’m yet to see the same for YouTube or my other blogs, although there have been times when I have been able to keep to the schedule. I guess I should try to keep it up again!



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