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I think it’s worthwhile putting your thoughts into words and sending them out into the world at regular intervals. For the past year and a half, every day I have been writing this blog. People seem to be reading it, and I’m extremely grateful for that, but at the moment I’m more focused on exploring my thoughts and finding my voice.

It may be that I have already come across my voice, but I don’t think so. I think that by doing this everyday, only then can I find my voice. I actually think the same thing is true for finding your calling or finding a new job.

You don’t wait until something pops up, that’s a fool’s game. No, you try as many things as are feasible that appeal to you, and if you don’t find yourself in something that you like, then you just haven’t found it yet and you need to keep searching. How do you keep searching? By trying as many things as are feasible that appeal to you.

In the same way, I am trying different kinds of writing or ways of expressing my ideas until I find one that works for me, until I find my voice. And I don’t think it should stop at me. I think this is something everyone can do. You may not have found your voice yet, but if you try things that appeal to you, keep trying and you’ll find your voice eventually. If you already have, well done!



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