Form doesn’t exist: Reset your mindset

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Unpopular opinion maybe but I don’t think form exists in sports and the like. If it were to exist it is entirely mental. Your performance on day one doesn’t magically carry on to day two, and thinking it does could be disastrous for any athlete.

In saying that, if you had a positive experience on day one, that positivity could brush off onto day two in a positive way, but I don’t think that has anything to do with your physical body.

I believe it was Roger Federer who has a method of hitting away the bad energy by physically swatting at his side, and this enables him to reset his mindset and start over. This is how it should be done, not some belief in something that is entirely imaginary.

When you’re feeling in a funk, don’t blame your form or the situation, do something to reset your mindset, your ‘form’ will be glad you did.



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