Front page material? The simple test for quality

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If something is worth making, it’s worth making well. Likewise, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it well.

This is the importance of the essentialist’s no until definite yes. If it’s a definite yes, by definition you (should) feel motivated to give it your all. But what if it’s something you had no choice in, or something past you thought would be good but turns out it wasn’t?

Give it your best anyway.

Attitude goes a long way in determining just how much you enjoy something.

If you’re going to do something, do it well.

Front page material

I’m going to be writing this blog daily, so I might as well do it well.

What that means exactly is yet to be seen, but I’ve stumbled upon a good way to check whether the content is good or not.

Is this front page material?

Last week I updated the copy on my homepage. For it, I had a few potential posts I could have added. But there are also many other posts I’m not exactly proud of.

The front page is what people first see when they come to the site. It needs to be good for the site to fulfill its purpose. If we use this as a litmus test, imagine the kind of content we could have.

Which is to say, I’m going to apply myself every day so that the content is front page material. And I think you should too.



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