Get it. Rather than getting it right.

black camera recorder

Always have a camera at hand

They say the best camera in the world is the one in your hand. The best camera in the world is the one in your hand with the footage you’ve just taken. It’s the one that clearly has the results of your actions on it.

That’s your starting point. That’s where you jump off.

If getting it right gets in the way of simply getting it, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Too often we get stuck in a loop of ‘when the time is right’, ‘when I have the right gear’, ‘when I am ready’, and so on, and so on. The trick is to start before these things. The trick is to get out there and get it, no matter how small or how big ‘it’ is.

The trick is to always have a camera in your hands.

Only a select few seem to be realising the powerhouse of production we all have in our pockets.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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