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I’ve realised that in a few areas I have become the default option. By being one of the only native-English-speaker bilinguals in my region, I am consulted by people when it comes to internationalization. I have been asked to help with developing the Dewa Sanzan and recently with the development of Sakata City as an international city. I don’t have much experience in marketing or too much success in business, yet, but I do have a drive and I do believe that these places have bursting potential that I want to see come to fruition.

But I don’t think it’s just because of my language ability. I have also made an extensive network by going out at every opportunity, and by sticking around in this one location. If I had moved to Tokyo or another big city, the chances of these opportunities coming my way are very small. Also, the freedom I have in my job to spend time in the way I wish also makes a big difference in being available to take other jobs.

So, I think it’s about putting yourself in the right place at the right time. What that involves is a bit of consistency and stick-to-itness, and faith in where you live to deliver. It’s still early days, but I intend to keep building on my current projects, and developing my business skills more by taking risks. That should help solidify my status as the default option for international business in Shonai.  



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