Get lost in your creative outlet

Creative outlets are great not just for what they produce, but for the fact that we can escape to them. When life gets you down, if you have a creative outlet, it can help you creatively use the time it takes to come to terms with things.

When we get stuck in our heads, often our minds wander into bad territory. Meditation can help you with this by putting you into a state of mu, nothingness, but for people who aren’t practiced at meditation, simply trying a creative outlet, and giving it a chance, can help your mind wander back into productive territory.

That’s why teaching art and other creative endeavours, languages included, is so important. Maybe those that believe the arts don’t have a place in the modern education system just haven’t needed to use it to get out of bad situations.

This is also why we should be doing creative things as much as we can, or at least daily. And the great thing is, we don’t need permission to do these things. We can just do them.



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