Getting fired

We all think of getting fired as the worst possible thing that can happen to us, so much so that we actively do everything we can to avoid it (well, not always). It can be a little humiliating, and feel like a breakup, but it's not all that bad. Sometimes we need an outsider to let us know that we don't see eye to eye, and that's perfectly fine.

I've been fired before, more than once actually, but I've also created more jobs than I can count just by putting myself out there. If you have the right mindset, I believe you can create your own new position basically anywhere. It just involves a bit of risk taking. But at the same time, I see doing a job as taking a risk because it's taking you away from other opportunities anyway. Someone's just doing you the favour of letting you know it's the right job or not.

Thankfully I haven't been fired for a few years now, and I have no intention in doing so, but to be honest, it wouldn't really bother me if I was. I think I could get back on my feet pretty easily with my current set up. Well, easier said than done, right?



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