Giving Ulysses a proper go

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This is me typing on Ulysses on my phone. I would really like to have this as my default blogging, the main reason is so I can focus on the writing first, but also so it can be sent to Medium at the same time.

My blog is a micro-chasm. It’s a stand alone thing in the middle of the abyss. There’s only so much connection to it, and only so much connection I can bring to it. I’m hoping that by posting daily on, instead of sporadically, I can slowly expand my audience and give my writing the attention it deserves. Or at least, making writing that people want to read that impacts them positively.

Plus, Ulysses has an amazing function for me that I didn’t actually know of until I started using it; the function of combining sheets (what they call documents). This has got to be really helpful for me. I have a lot of isolated pieces that have similar themes that would go great together, but right now to put them together would be a real challenge. This takes the challenge out of it and means it will be much easier to create pieces of writing on a certain theme.

Having things organized like this would be amazing. Right now a lot of my blogs are in different places, so having them all centralized but also able to be combined would be very helpful indeed.

So, let’s give it a go! Starting with today’s blog.



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