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Tim Bunting AKA Kiwi Yamabushi on Zao-san

Tim Bunting, person.

I am a person. Let’s start there.

For some people, it’s easy to describe your job because a title has been given to you, the hard work has been taken out. For others, not so much.

I have such a varied work experience. I’m also working on so many different things at the same time it’s all but impossible to round everything up into one word.

I am writing this blog, I can call myself a blogger. I make YouTube videos, I can call myself a YouTuber. I work at a university, and I also project manage the Yamabushido program. University lecturer, Yamabushi, project manager.

As part of Yamabushido, I built and run; web designer, photographer, writer, content creator. I have a love of coffee, and make coffee everyday. I swim as much as I can, and I love mountains, so much so I opted to climb 100 of them for you. Barista (haha), swimmer, mountaineer.

So many titles, all that only show but a small piece of who I am.

Let’s start with person. And end there.



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

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