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I’m of the belief that higher minimum wages are better for societies. People complain that they lead to small businesses not hiring , which I’m sure there is some truth to, but more than that it encourages small businesses to innovate and leads to more rewarding jobs for all.

Japan’s able to have so many people to show you where to park (Sakata city hall has at least three people to do this on any given day) and to stand outside construction sites for days on end because the wages are so low. Not to mention the banks that are still using 20th century management systems hiring for jobs that hardly exist anymore in countries with higher wages. Why not motivate businesses to innovate into finding better jobs for people rather than giving them jobs that robots/ computers could do? It’s going to happen sometime.

There will always be jobs, and the higher wage means they will be better ones at that. Even if you don’t agree with me, which is fine, do you know where the easiest place in the world is to become a millionaire? Hint, it’s not the US where the minimum wage is a pittance.



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