Is more options always the best option?

It's always good to have options, but is it always best to have more options?

Sometimes having less options requires you to do more innovative work. You have limited scope to work within, meaning you have to think much more innovatively to solve a problem.

On the other hand, if you have a blank slate, your options are limitless. In this case, it could be argued that having more options means you must be more creative.

I would argue that it's better to have more options because it forces you to justify your decisions more, and this means you have more accountability for the decisions also.

If you had less options, it might be easy to blame it on the limitations, on things that you are not accountable for.

In other words, less options should make it easier to make a decision. But this also requires less creativity, and less accountability.

We should still take accountability for our decisions, and not blame it on the lack of options at the start.

Either way, options are things that are presented to us, that we can't spontaneously increase. It's something that we can't change, so we shouldn't waste time worrying about it.



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