Getting past the easy excuses

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When you’re doing something that puts yourself out there, it’s easy to get dejected when things don’t go as smoothly as you expected. But you really shouldn’t let these things get in your way, they are just easy excuses you can make.

For example, besides outside noise coming in, your face being out of focus, or the camera overheating after about 20 minutes, my camera doesn’t feel the need to let me know when the memory card is full when I’m filming myself. Well, it does on the main screen, but not on the screen I’m looking at when filming.

I spent the better part of an hour filming yesterday only to find out that the last 20 minutes or so weren’t recorded as I had run out of memory. It’s such an easy fix, I just have to switch the cards, but first I need to know that the cards need switching.

Lesson learned. And at least it’s better than my GoPro that wouldn’t record when I wanted to film the last part of the ascent up Chokai-zan

Now that I’ve learned these things, though I have no excuses not to get the work done in the future!



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