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When I was a little kid, I used to wonder what it would be like to have two days that play out in the exact same way. Two days that you ate things at the same time, did things in the same order, and I guess got the same results. That was about the time Groundhog Day came out, so it’s possible that’s where I got the idea from, but I quickly realised that it wouldn’t be very much fun at all.

That and the fact it becomes practice for when things change without you wanting them to is why we should embrace new ways of doing things. If you have an idea to do something new or the same thing in a new way, try to do it and see what it actually feels like. Try getting to work using a different path, or try switching up the order you do certain exercises.

It’s not possible to have two days play out in the exact same way. Nor is it desirable. Keep things fresh, or you may find things keep you fresh. Either way, embrace and roll with it. You’ll be all the more better for it.



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