Laziness getting the best of you

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Do something, anything, to fuel the fire

If you really wanted to, you could force out some work. You could force out an article like this one, you could force out a few laps of the pool, you could force out a few km on a run or a bike ride.

It wouldn’t be your best work, perhaps, but it would be work nonetheless.

You could, and the reason you don’t is because laziness is getting the best of you.

So you should.

You should do it just for the sake of doing it. You should do it to start something, or to keep on a roll. You should to stop laziness getting the better of you, and to prove that, no, you are a better person than that.

Even if it’s not your best work, work is better than no work. Keep it up, and this work turns into better work, which turns into your best work.

Don’t let laziness get the better of you.



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