Your Sanctuary of Work

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And how to do your best work

That’s what your workplace needs to be. Away from distraction, away from everyday life, away from the hustle and bustle.

Your wokrplace needs to be a sanctuary of work.

When you’re there, you’re there to work. You’re there to put the pedal to the metal, and to pump out your best work. If you find yourself losing track of the work while you’re in your office, leave. Get out. Don’t ruin the sanctity of the office.

Then get back in there, and get to work. Do this enough, and you have yourself a factory of productivity.

There really is no other way to do it. There is the average way, but that only leads to average results. Best to dedicate time and space to your sanctuary of work. That’s how you produce the best results, and that’s how you get the most out of you.

Build yourself a sanctuary for work, whatever way, shape, or form that may be. Uphold the sanctity of the sanctuary, and get the work done. That’s how you do your best work.



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