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white drone flying over brown leafless tree

I like to pride myself on taking action, rather than thinking about taking action. Action is the only way to know if your theories actually work. However, I’m nowhere near perfect, there are tons of ideas I have that I haven’t executed on, but I like to push myself to take action as much as possible.

One way I did so recently was when I bought my drone. I had only learned the basics by watching how to control the drone on YouTube before I took her out for her first flight in what was a rather risky move.

I had intended on test flying the drone over my local rice fields, however I simply didn’t have enough time. Instead, the first flight was over the Mogami river on the way to Mt. Yamuki. The Mogami is one of the three fastest flowing rivers in Japan, and if I had made a mistake, it’s quite likely it would have been the end of the drone.

I’m not sure if I’d always recommend taking action if it means there is a high risk that you won’t be able to take that action in the future. Either way, I managed to get some good footage, although of course there was a rookie mistake and I think I forgot to set the video to 4K.



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