There’s no time like the present

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Even just hearing someone talk about their parents in a ‘normal’ way, saying they simply talked to them, that is enough to remind me of the severity of my own situation.

Having lost my father at a young age, and now with a terminally ill mother suffering a disease worse than cancer, I’m reminded of death of both body and mind quite often. But every cloud truly does have a silver lining.

This constant reminder coupled with the Yamabushi philosophy of Uketamo means I am often trying to do things that put me in the moment, this means I believe I justify some rash decisions with the old ‘you only live once’ more than other people do. This gives me a form of freedom that only comes in my situation, and in turn I think it means I live more than other people do.

There is of course a lot of risk in this. I probably don’t take as much responsibility for things as I should, because the things I don’t care about, I simply don’t care about. It’s hard to get me to care about some things in particular, but on the other hand the things I care about I really care about.

I have heard of people being basically controlled by their parents to live a certain way, but my parents never forced us to do anything of the sort, and even if they did, I feel I am not burdened by that at all anymore. I believe modern people still have pressure from their parents to do well, that for me is a luxury that is all but gone, but thankfully has been replaced with my own desire to do well.

This topic is sure to bring up emotions, but I just want people to step back and appreciate what they have more. It could be as simple as appreciating your parents, or for some people my age who always give me a shock, their grandparents. And also, you truly do not know when you will go, so get out there and do the things you always said you would. There’s no time like the present.



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