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Even if you’re not thinking of making a website, you really should just to show yourself that you can, and that it’s really not that hard. 10 years ago it still would have been relatively difficult to do so, but these days the difficult thing is working out which of the thousands of options available to use.

Just imagine though, adding making websites to your repertoire. To make a great website, well that takes practice that I’m nowhere near, but a simple website really anyone can make.

Another thing that’s becoming easier by the day is video as well. You used to spend thousands just to get a good camera. These days our phones are decent, or you could get a secondhand GoPro for only a couple hundred or an Osmo pocket or similar. Then you just have to learn how to piece the footage together with music, and you have a video. Do that a couple hundred times, which isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you give yourself a regular deadline and enough time, and you have yourself a business.

Imagine that. Being able to make websites and videos. If you can speak another language too, then you can take information from one language and turn it into a video in another that you advertise on a website you’ve made. All this you can teach yourself! Amazing!



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