More thoughts on Akinomine training

After coming back to the real world, I have felt a few changes in how I feel.

Firstly, I feel more opinionated. I’ve been speaking my mind a bit more than I usually would. This only seems to piss off my wife though, so I think some constraint is in order.

I would say this would be because I had time to think about things I was frustrated with. And I also had a stronger feeling that things won’t change if I don’t at the very least try to change them. I just have to do this in a manner that is not offensive.

The other thing I have noticed, is a motivation for creativity. Listening to music, mainly live music, I was able to really focus on what was being played. It was like hearing music for the first time. It was quite extraordinary indeed.

For me, hearing music in this way is often a motivating factor in picking up an instrument and simply playing.

Both of these points have their good and bad parts, but I would say overall they are very much positive, and it’s thanks to Yamabushi training.



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