Mountains of Wisdom Early Winter 2021 Update

Mt. Chokai

I just sent out my most recent update for the Mountains of Wisdom project, so keep a look out for it in your inbox - or spam folder, which is where I found it 🙁 If you haven't already, consider signing up, which you can do using the 'subscribe' function in the header of this page. If you sign up within the next 24 hours, I'll personally email you the most recent version.

Unfortunately there was a large gap between newsletters this time around. That's what happens when you don't have a set plan for releasing things. I want to send this newsletter out much more regularly from now, seeing as this latest one had 10 new videos, which is a bit much. I tried to ease the burden of choosing something to watch by adding my recommendations, but next time I just need to make it easier by limiting the options as much as possible.

So, I hope you enjoy this quick update, and I hope you'll consider visiting Yamagata once you can!



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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi on Mt. Chokai
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Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

Tim Bunting Kiwi Yamabushi

Get In Touch

Sakata City, Yamagata, Japan

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