Mt. Haguro in the early morning hours

Mt. Haguro in the early morning hours

Here’s a relaxing video of the summit of Mt. Haguro in the early hours for you. Every time I go there, I feel a very strong energy unlike anywhere else. I assume it is because of all the history of worshipping there, and the fact that the cedar forest is essentially its own eco-system, at least in my mind, and that’s what I wished to share with this video. To be honest, this wasn’t very hard to put together. You can probably tell that it was filmed by hand, I had no tripod, or at least none big enough, and had to try really hard to hold my hand steady. I believe I was able to do a good enough job, most of the time at least. Mt. Haguro is such a peaceful mountain.

Finally I have a decent set up for video creation, at least I think so. My friend very kindly let me borrow his MacMini (it belonged to his late father so he wasn’t using it), and an eGPU, which I hadn’t heard of until he told me about it, so I now have a dedicated video-editing machine. My MacbookPro should be good enough to do the job, but it can become very slow and overheated, so much so that I had to get a new logicboard for it this month, and that was by no means cheap. So, I am very happy to have this workhorse at my disposal, and I am going to do my upmost to make sure it gets put through its paces. I have a backlog of videos to work on, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for me, and I’m really glad I could get this Mt. Haguro morning stroll out so quickly. Pure ASMR.



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