The unseen advantage of Atomic Habits

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Systems thinking is more than just building great habits. It’s about getting through too.

One of the most important things my dad ever taught me was that when you are going through a hard time, you have to, have to, maintain regular habits. It’s why making your bed every day is so important. Eating properly and getting good exercise just as much.

In fact, they become all the more important when you’re in the recovery stage.

Besides building beneficial habits, having default systems in place that you know like the back of your hand can simply help you get through. Sometimes that is all we can hope for, but soon enough we will be back on our feet.

For example, when I try to get back into the habit of swimming regularly after an extended break, I have a set workout. I won’t bore you with swimming talk, but it’s based on percentages of effort with plenty of rest time in between. This helps me develop that all-important stamina, and I let my body decide when I’m ready to up the ante.

Similarly, having a regular system in place that means you simply focus on getting through the day as stress-free as possible is tantamount. You already know what this means for your unique situation, and it’s important that you allow yourself to get around to it. Then it’s just a matter of time before you’re ready and willing to get out there and show the world what you’re made of.



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