Murphy’s Law and Plan D

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is famous for New Zealanders as the time when we finally got the cup back after 24 years of trying. It’s also famous for the introduction of Beaver, aka Steven Donald, the man who saved us in the pivotal number 10 position during the final. This is because at least 3 of our frontline number 10s were out of action. This is unheard of, but thankfully New Zealand had a plan D (if you can call it that).

Murphy’s Law is that if something can go wrong, it will (at least that’s how I understand it). So you need a contingency plan. Well, in the case of New Zealand, more than one.

I’m not sure how many people realised, but my website went down on Thursday. It was only by asking my competent friend that I was able to get it back up last night. WordPress is old and full of code that makes it prone to crashing, all I did was update a plug-in.

I don’t have many visitors to my site, about 20 per day, but if I’m to use it well in the future, I’m going to need contingency plans. Backup backup backup, and the habit to either use autosave or have a ctrl-s reflex.

This thinking is not about living in the moment. You’re hedging yourself for future disaster, but it is a way to ensure you live in the moment when disaster strikes, and that you are mentally prepared, which Uketamo is all about.



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