My three secret weapons

There are three things in my life that I feel are like secret weapons. Three things that I know of or do that are guaranteed to put me in a good mood no matter the situation.

My first secret weapon

The first is, who would have guessed, Yamabushi training or being in nature. This is not just simply because it’s fun, but also because it’s the ultimate chance for reflection, and the ultimate chance to give yourself permission to simply be in the moment.

This is what I most want to share with you, although doing the training is not exactly practical for many, being in nature is for most.

My second secret weapon

Which leads me to my second secret weapon, early mornings. I feel sorry for night owls, they miss the best part of the day. The best part of the day is always the first part of the day, and if the weather’s conducive, I always try to go out for a walk to take in the sunrise. This does mean I go to bed quite early though, last night I was probably asleep by 9, which seems to bother some people. Don’t dis it until you try it!

My third secret weapon

In the past few years I’ve noticed this question more and more, but people always ask how I’m able to stay skinny. This one’s easy (in principle).

I swim.

And swim. And swim.

I aim to do 10k in a week, and have been hitting that mark recently too.

Even though I turn out brighter than a tomato, swimming is by far the best exercise for me. I played waterpolo for 10 years, even making it to third in NZ on multiple occasions (we never quite got to the final), and that has meant I am able to swim quite well.

Swimming I feel is a secret weapon for those who can do it, and I truly feel that if you are able to swim non-stop, like going for a jog, it is the gift that keeps on giving. If you can’t, learning to swim will change your life, I’m certain of it.

My secret weapons

So there you have it. My secret weapons. Three things that I do that always manage to put me in a good mood.



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