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If you've read Deep Work, you would know of the concept of deep work. Undistracted, dedicated periods of work throughout the day to boost your productivity.

Since early summer on days when I'm able to, I've been getting up early and going for walks, coming back home, and doing a bit of writing, or in recent days video editing. When I can sit down without distraction, it's been rather productive. It's how I've been able to keep up with writing one article a week, as well as videos. So, I'm going to give dedicating an hour a day a try.

I'm calling it my hour of power, and I've already put it in my calendar. I've set aside one hour, from 6am to 7am each day, in which I am to work on my projects without distraction. I chose this time because it's about when I naturally wake up, and it also gives me enough time to get ready for my day job. To be honest, I have been disappointed in myself for not getting out as many YouTube videos as I wanted to, and this is one way in which to make up for that. I'll let you know how it goes sometime in the future!



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