Piggybacking habits

When trying to set up new habits, see if you can combine them, use one already established habit and piggyback on it to make a new one. I’ve had this daily blog for a few years now, but the time of day that I write is really all over the place. In an effort to be more consistent, I’ve given myself the deadline of 12pm, which I’ve broken a few times this year 🙁

But I have my custom of making a daily coffee, and I’m attempting to make this also my time to write my blog. Coffee = blog, so to speak. The issue is days when I don’t have time to make the coffee, so I’m going to have to think a way around it, but I think this could work for now.

The other way to think of it is to do something bearable or something you enjoy with something that you know you should do. I’m trying to only allow myself to pick up devices for the first when I do exercise in the morning. Now I have to do this for say at least three weeks and you could say the habit is formed.



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